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COD value request

My team is working in pollution prevention on a specific dairy industry in
Portugal. I need to calculate the yield of their industrial processes in
order to evaluate their losses. I need to have the value of chemical oxigen
demand (COD) of their products: milk, butter, cream and buttermilk (I
already have the results of this parameter in their wastewaters), to be
able to calculate the mass balance.
I think it is almost impossible to analyse butter COD so I am going to
relate it to the differences in fat content of skim milk, half-fat milk and
fat milk samples.
It would be a great help to me,in case you have knowlege of all this values
(I have already search in books but I could not find it), if you could send
them to me.

My e-mail is Ana.Lanca@ita.ineti.pt

I hope to have news from you soon.
Thanks in advance.
Best regards

Ana Lanca