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envt-eng list, recycling laminated particleboard and MDF,

recycling in washington DC
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1. Envt-eng List

I was subscribing to envt-eng-L.  I unsubscribed to go on holidays, then 
re-installed all my software, ... you can guess the rest.
I would appreciate if someone could tell me how to get back on... TIA

2. Recycling Laminated particleboard and MDF.

We (at Schiavello) did some research into how we could munch up and press 
off-cuts of laminated particleboard and MDF into board. I am happy to pass 
on the results of that to interested persons.  Please e-mail me direct.

3. Recycling cardboard and EPS in Washington DC

We (at Schiavello) are exporting furniture to Washington DC, with cardboard 
and Expanded Polystyrene packaging, and want to recycle the material in 
Washington DC.  I have unsuccessfuly contacted the addresses I have for the 
CWC and for the Plastics Recycling body.  Can anyone help me? Please e-mail 
me direct.

Michael Pitcher
Schiavello Commercial Interiors
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