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RE: ideas for training activities for agriculture, mining industry


Some RTI folks just got back from doing cleaner production assessments/ISO
14001 prepatation at 6 small industries in Chile. I'm assuming your Peruvian
trainess will have some of the same issues as our sites did. 

We asked out sites to do a simple table of all their raw
material/energy/water inputs, all their waste, product and costs. Most of
them hadn't gone through this exercise before, and found it enlightening.
Maybe you could have your trainees do something similar. 

If you have computer access where you are, you might want to try to rig up
an internet exercise to show people where to get MSDS sheets -- we found
that some of our facilities were depressingly lacking important safety info
about the materials they were using. The world health organization has a
safety sheet site in several languages. Last time I tried it I couldn't get
the spanish site to come up, but maybe its working now.
http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/ipcs/icstart.html. Otherwise, they could use the
english ones and get a rough idea of the hazards.

We found a very low level of awareness about ozone-depleting chemicals among
people we talked to, although Chile is a signatory to the Montreal Protocol
(can't find my file right offhand to tell you whether Peru is as well). A
big issue for agriculture is going to be the methyl bromide phaseout --
methyl bromide seems to be the building block for a lot of the specialty ag
exports that Latin America is building its export economy on. But methyl
bromide is scheduled to be phasedout in signatory developing countries by
2005 (see http://www.unep.ch/ozone/mont_t.htm). I've read that magtoxin and
phostoxin are going to be substitutes of choice, but those are pretty deadly
as well. I don't have any great solutions for this dilemma, but you could do
a valuable service by giving your trainees a heads up. 

Give me a shout if you want to talk about any of this.

Melissa Malkin
Research Triangle Institute, Pollution Prevention Program 
POB 12194 
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2194
voice: (919) 541-6154     fax (919) 541 7155

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> industry
> Melinda Dower, LeAnn Herren, and I are conducting a P2 Policy training
> session in Lima, Peru next week.  Does anybody have any ideas for P2
> training activities for representatives from mining, agricultrue and
> fishmeal industries?  The training is being done with translators as most
> of the attendees are not English speakers.  Any ideas would be much
> appreciated.  Thanks.
> Warren Weinstein