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RE: Regulated community survey


I don't have a consulting contact, but do have an agency contact.  Oregon has done some work on measuring compliance and waste reduction.  Some of this work may have included the information gathering you are looking for.  David Livengood at OR DEQ should be able to provide some insight on what they have done.  He can be reached at 541-440-3338 x230;livengood.david@deq.state.or.us.  Good luck.


From:  Brian Tormey[SMTP:btormey@max.state.ia.us]
Sent:  Tuesday, September 22, 1998 12:20 PM
To:  p2tech@great-lakes.net
Subject:  Regulated community survey

The Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources is proposing to issue an RFP for
services to conduct a survey and three focus group meetings targetting
businesses and industries.  The purpose of this exercise is to gather
information on not only how the regulated community views regulatory and
technical assistance services provided by IDNR, but also to learn how
they view regulatory integration concepts and ascertain their
perceptions and level of understanding on pollution prevention in
general.  It is hoped that these findings will assist us in designing
pollution prevention regulatory integration projects for successful
implementation and developing marketing strategies for pollution
prevention assistance services.

We envision that the survey would need to be designed to go beyond "how
are we doing" and "what do you think" type questions.  This will require
someone who understands pollution prevention and integration issues, and
the barriers we are trying to overcome.  For example, we hear from our
regulators that P2 is consistent with their compliance and enforcement
philosophy.  However, it may be the regulated community that will balk
at integration ideas if multi-media inspections require inspectors to be
on-site longer at the client's facility, or if P2 reviews of permit
applications (with goal of getting applicant out of the permit
requirements through P2!) result in slowing permit issuance turnaround
times.  To address these "barriers", we need feedback from businesses
and industries.

My question is does anyone know of consulting firms who have experience
in this area?  If you have been involved in a similar type of survey
project, I would like to hear about it.  Thanks!