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FW: Info on Awards/Recognition P2 Programs

Dear Mr. Ludwig,

--	You may find some useful information to help you at the following
web pages:
Begin with this paragraph	--
In celebration of Pennsylvania's Pollution Prevention week, Sept. 20-27,
Gov. Tom Ridge this week presented 42 Governor's Awards for Environmental
Excellence to recognize successful pollution prevention and energy
efficiency programs in communities statewide.		

	You may find other useful information within the Pennsylvania
Department of Environmental Protection homepage above.
--	Some additional information you requested should be contained in the
Office of Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance web page, beginning
	Includes	--	What's Going on in OPPCA
				September 22nd, Live Webcast of the 1998
Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence.

--	The following URL specific to the Governor's Awards recognition
program is:

		1998 Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence,
		1998 Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence, Request
for an Application
			Some criteria information is available in the
		1997 Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence, Awards
		1997 Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence, Awards

		1996 Governor's Award Winners: Summaries of the 1996 winning
projects and programs

		1995 Governor's Award Winners: Summaries of the 1995 winning
projects and programs

		1994 Governor's Award Winners: Summaries of the 1994 winning
projects and programs

You asked for ways to measure success.  Some measurements our office
receives from industry and non-business winners includes seeing the award
plaques in the front entry of the winners' buildings, banners/signs on the
exterir of some winners' buildings, using some facilities as tour sites to
demonstrate pollution prevention succsses, some winning businessses "mentor"
other businesses in pollution prevention, willingness to be highlighted in
success stories, and other. 

--	INFORMATION: This section keeps you abreast of current events, OPPCA
publications, grant programs, and contacting OPPCA staff.	Explore the
various reports/publications at URL:
	Page 17  of the "OPPCA First Year Annual Report" at the above site
may be helpful as well.

I hope the information above will be helpful to you.

      Jo Anne Hollash		PA DEP - OPPCA
	15th FL, RCSOB				P. O. Box 8772
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8772
	Voice   717-787-0121	   Fax   717-783-2703	E-mail
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> Subject:	Info on Awards/Recognition P2 Programs
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> The Office of Pollution Prevention and technology Development (OPPTD) of
> the CA Dept. of Toxic Substances Control is requesting information on P2
> Awards and recognition programs.  Specifically, I am looking for
> information related to
> 1) eligibility criteria, 2) categories, 3) review process, 4) program
> analysis results such as a) # of applicants/resulting awards, b) years
> that the awards program has been in existence/is it still in existence
> (why or why not?), c) workload requirements in terms of hours spent
> advertising, reviewing, compliance checks, meetings, award plaques,
> facility costs, etc. and d) pros and
> cons of awards programs in the short and long term in terms of whether it
> is a "good" thing to do - that is, was P2 activity increased by those
> receiving the awards/recognition and/or did the agency organizing the
> event get anacceptable "return on investment" in terms of P2 marketing,
> outreach, educational opportunities that an awards program can potentially
> provide.  Finally, information related to the measurement of success of an
> awards program in order to determine how to make it better or discontinue
> it altogether is requested.
> Award application forms, outreach materials, evaluation criteria, types of
> awards (plaques, certificates, etc.), and time, place, and venue (i.e.,
> opening of a new "green" business, County Board of SUpervisors meeting,
> during national pollution prevention week, etc.) would be greatly
> appreciated.
> And, for the first 25 respondents sending us information related to p2
> awards program, a copy of the award-winning "The Surfer, the Garbageman,
> and the Lady in the Sky" video tape and workbook will be sent.
> Please send information to Robert Ludwig, DTSC/OPPTD, P.O. Box 806,
> Sacramento, CA 95812-0806.  If you have any questions or need more
> information, please call me  at (916) 324-2659.  Thank you for your
> assistance.
> Best regards,
> Robert Ludwig
> E-Mail:  HW1.RLudwig@ HW1.CAHWNET.GOV