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P2 in wool fiberglass insulation mfg.

Can anyone refer me to studies/sources on P2 in wool fiberglass insulation
manufacturing? Our air permitting program recently appealed a local air
management district decision to allow a new plant to be built with
end-of-pipe controls only, stating that other similar plants were doing
end-of-pipe in combination with upstream control to achieve lesser
emissions of PM-10. Attorneys representing industry are objecting to EPA
using its permitting authority to influence how facilities are designed and
operated (read: the sanctity of the manufacturing process).  The company
has agreed to implement all process retrofits that cost less than $20,000
per ton of emissions. The Knauf Fiberglass, Inc. plant is proposed for
Shasta county, California, a Clean Air Act Attainment area. The permit
authority is EPA's prevention of serious deterioration (PSD) program.
Thank-you in advance for your responses.

Leif Magnuson
EPA Region IX Pollution Prevention Program
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San Francisco, CA  94105
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