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Re: Info on Awards/Recognition P2 Programs

The Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association (NEWMOA) recently
published a report that outlines P2 efforts (including Governor's Awards) by
16 P2 programs.  "Pollution Prevention Progress in the Northeast" provides a
brief description of Governor Awards and presents some of their environmental
and economic results.  The text is included below.

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P2 Progress Report: Governor's Awards  

P2 Governor's Award programs were developed to showcase successful P2 projects
and efforts conducted by individuals, industry, and institutions from the
private and public sectors.  In addition to publicizing the benefits of P2,
award programs provide some incentives for improved environmental performance
at companies. 

P2 award applicants must demonstrate that they have successfully implemented
innovative approaches that reduce or eliminate the generation of pollution and
wastes at the source.  These approaches include the use of new technologies,
the substitution of nontoxic materials for toxic materials, changes in
production processes or procedures, and educational or promotional programs
that result in pollution prevention.

Award recipients are usually determined by a panel of representatives from
industry, environmental organizations, academia, and government.  Prior to
this panel review, P2 program staff and management often evaluate  projects to
ensure their merit, based on their technological and environmental
significance, cost savings, health and safety benefits, and transferability.
The environmental agencies also check applicants' compliance status and
history prior to recommending them for a P2 Governor's Award.  An applicant's
commitment, leadership, and environmental record are  important factors in
determining whether they will receive an award.

In response to the P2 survey, 8 P2 programs from 7 states reported that they
received 454 applications for their Governor's Award programs and presented
awards to 143 companies, organizations and individuals.  Four of these
programs (ME DEP, MA TURI, NYS DEC, and VT DEC) provided detailed information
about the environmental and economic achievements of 55 Governor's Awards
recipients.  Between 1993 and 1996, the award recipients reported reductions
of more than 50 million pounds of hazardous waste and emissions and 1.3
million gallons of wastewater while achieving annual savings of more than $31
million attained through pollution prevention efforts.  Table 6-1 provides
more details on these reductions and savings.

In addition to providing source reduction results for their Governor Award
recipients, MA TURI also tabulated waste reduction and cost savings
information for all Governor Award entrants for 1994 and 1995.  As shown in
Table 6-2, this group of 45 companies achieved reductions in chemical use,
hazardous waste and wastewater.  They also saved more than $11 million by
reducing chemical purchases, water use and regulatory burdens.

While these cost saving and waste reduction figures are substantial, they
represent only a portion of the P2 benefits reaped by award candidates in the
Northeast region.  Incomplete information and inconsistencies between award
publications prevent a full accounting of the benefits award applicants and
recipients have realized.  For example, many award recipients described their
reductions and savings in percentages rather than in dollars, pounds and/or

Although many Governor's Award recipients participate in P2 program
activities, there is currently no way to determine if reductions at these
firms are directly associated with state or local P2 program activities.
Consequently, applicants and recipients for Governor's Award may overlap other
data presented in this report.

Table 6-1.   Select Governor's Awards Results from P2 Survey (1993 to 1996)

Reduction & Savings Categories            Reductions/Savings        # of Co's

Hazardous Waste Reductions (lbs.)                21,695,326               28
Emission Reductions (lbs.)                             29,213,016
Wastewater Reductions (gals.)                         1,371,490
Annual Cost Savings                                    $31,534,938

[Source: Pollution Prevention Survey]

Table 6-2.   Results from 45 Entrants for a Massachusetts Governor's Award
(1995 & 1996)

Reduction & Savings Categories               Reductions/Savings      # of

Reduction in toxic chemical use (lbs.)              8,026,332
Reductions in haz. waste generation. (lbs.)        7,187,875
Reduction in water use (gals.)                       433,327,915
Savings: reduced chemical purchases             $6,367,704                 45
Savings :reduced waste mgmt. costs              $2,580,520                 45
Savings from reduced water use                      $2,053,456

[Source:  Massachusetts Administrative Council on Toxic Use Reduction, Fiscal
Year Annual Reports for 1995 and 1996.]