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We need your input

Hi Everyone,  

I know everyone is really busy and hates surveys, but read on, this one might
interest you and to top it off it has a bonus prize....

The attached file is a national survey to provide EPA with feedback on the
sector-specific virtual centers.  This is an independent assessment of how
useful the centers are for technical assistance providers. The responses to
this survey will result in a report to EPA outlining the results and making
recommendations for future compliance assistance efforts. 

The survey can be filled out on-line at

I urge you to fill out this survey, it provides you with a unique opportunity
to provide feedback to EPA Headquarters on your work AND as a bonus...the
first two-hundred and fifty respondents will receive a coupon for a FREE PINT

Here are a few basic facts about the survey:

Filling out the survey
1) You can fill it out on-line at http://members.aol.com/newmoa/survey.htm

2) You can download the attachment to this e-mail and fill-out the survey in
hard copy and mail or fax it to NEWMOA at NEWMOA; Attn.: OECA Survey; 129
Portland St., Sixth Floor; Boston, MA 02114; or via fax at (617) 367-0449 

Survey is due back to NEWMOA by October 15, 1998

Any questions should be directed to Lisa Regenstein (617) 367-8558 ext. 304

BIG BONUS!!!  The first 250 responses will receive a coupon for a free pint of
Ben & Jerry's ice cream (flavor of your choice)!