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Medical Device and lotion manufacturer

A facility in our area is manufacturing on-site the medical lotions, cleansers, etc.  The products are primarily composed of water and petrolatum.  In order to clean the mixing vats and remove the petroleum-based components, they are using a 1% solution of Potassium Hydroxide, which works quickly and extremely well.  However, the resulting wastewater has a pH of  approx. 13.3 violating local sewer discharge limits.  The facility would like to avoid waste water treatment if at all possible.  At the present, They are drumming the wastewater (approx. 165 gal./batch) and having it hauled away.  They have tried Dawn liquid grease cutting dish soap, but cleaning is then too slow for production purposes.  They also have a separate process to make isopropyl alcohol prep pads.  Sometimes off-spec isopropyl alcohol is created and drummed for fuel.  Any P2 suggestions for this waste stream?

Any products, change in processes, or other ideas as to alternative Cleaning out there in "P2Tech land"?  Thank you all in advance for your assistance.

Tammy Allen
Pinellas County DEM, P2R2