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Re: Case study on successful public ed campaign


Farm*A*Syst\Home*A*Syst has been part of several action-oriented efforts to
reduce non-point source pollution and protect public drinking water
supplies.  One project that has received national recognition involves the
City of Syracuse, New York which has developed management strategies based
on Farm*A*Syst and Home*A*Syst to protect Lake Skaneateles, a source of
drinking water for about 160,000 residents, and realized cost savings of
more than 50 million dollars by avoiding construction of a filtration
facility. If you are interested in additional information about this and
other source water protection efforts, you can read __Beyond Delineation
And Assessment: Community Action To Protect Source Water Using

In western Michigan, several counties have combined assessment and planning
activities using Farm*A*Syst/Home*A*Syst with state-sponsored cost-sharing
to protect a vulnerable ground water resource. A copy of the case study of
this protection program is available at

In several states such as Texas and New Mexico, senior volunteers are being
tapped as a resource to assist in SWP activities using
Farm*A*Syst/Home*A*Syst. The Texas Program and its use of Tex*A*Syst is
highlighted in an April/May 1998 national newsletter, available at

Please contact me if you need more information.  


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