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Need recyclable market prices

Hello, everyone.

I am working on a presentation and need a quick education on recycling
markets. Can anyone help or direct me to a good information source?

I need information on the typical recycling journey of several recyclables
including the standard forms along the way (whole, crushed, bound, shredded,
pellet, etc) and unit of measurement for each (ton, bushel, pound, bale, etc).
I'd also like to get an idea of the market price at each stage, and to know
where there are market tiers (collector, local wholesaler, regional
wholesaler, etc), and get a general idea of how those tiers affect market
price. I am looking for national averages for prices.

The particular recyclables I am interested in are:

white office paper
PET plastic bottles
HDPE plastic bottles
steel cans
aluminum cans

The format most useful to me would be something like "HDPE jugs are collected,
crushed, and bound into 200 pound bales and are sold to processors for $10 a
bale, who clean and process the bales into pellets sold to manufacturers for
$1 a pound."

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.

Mark Boylan
22 Executive Park Court
Germantown  MD  20874