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Re: Reuse of wood from demolition

I raised this issue with Carla Barret in our recycling group and received the following reply: There is a grant to the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis.  The grant is 6 months underway and the "data collection" will be complete at the end of this month [October 1998].  

Basicly the project is ginding scrap wood and dry wall on-site and in some cases leaving the material on the building site graded into the soil.  Some builders in the project are stockpiling the wood for "mulch" decoration;  others are have the material ground but still transported to the landfill.  

We are gathering data on cost effectiveness of grinding and transportation.  The markets in the area are very minimal but include, chip board, mulch, boiler fuel, animal bedding and the like.  For any of the markets, transportation is the issue.  The value of the product does not bring in the revenue to transport very far.  

The data will be compiled by the end of the year and published in the first part of next year, then presented at the National Association of Home Builders Conf. in Dallas in 1999.

Mark C. Stoddard
Office of Pollution Prevention & Technical Assistance

>>> Jennifer Griffith <newmoa@tiac.net> 10/01/98 10:07AM >>>

I have had a request for information on successful examples of
micro-enterprise businesses or non-profits (e.g. schools) that use wood
waste from construction and demolition sites to make marketable products in
urban areas.

I know that reuse of wood from the demolition of old barns and factories is
becoming big business, but this person is looking for examples of
small-scale projects that don't necessarily involve "old" wood.

Thank you for your assistance!

Jennifer Griffith,
129 Portland Street, 6th Floor
Boston, MA  02114
(617) 367-8558, ext. 303
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