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Re: POTW partnerships

Sherry, see Spring 1998 Pollution Prevention Review article entitled
"Reducing Metal Discharges to the South San Francisco Bay" by Thomas
Barron. It is a very good summary article of three POTW partnerhips with
business that resulted in reducing copper discharges to the sewer of
between 25 and 56%. San Jose also reduced nickel discharges to sewer by
47%. The projects were a mix of P2 and treatment, but mostly P2.

Percent Copper Reduced:
City           Headworks Change from Industrial Project
Palo Alto      25%
Sunnyvale      55%
San Jose/Santa Clara     56%

For more information, call Thomas Barron at (510) 283-8121 or John
Makur/Karen McDonough of San Jose at (408) 945-3031.

Leif Magnuson
EPA Region IX Pollution Prevention Program
75 Hawthorne St.
San Francisco, CA  94105
tel (415) 744-2153
fax (415) 744-1680

sdavis@oz.oznet.ksu.edu on 10/13/98 12:48:13 PM

Please respond to sdavis@oz.oznet.ksu.edu

To:   p2tech@great-lakes.net
Subject:  POTW partnerships

Dear P2Techers:
If your program has worked with a POTW or pretreatmen program on the
elimination or reduction of a specific contaminant or you know of a
technical assistance project, could you let me know about the
project?  Those of you who responded to my request for Pretreatment
program and TAP partnerships for mercury reduction
need not reply, but I would like to know of any other projects have
been tackled through a partnership approach.
All I need is City and contaminant involved in the project.  Names of
those involved would be helpful, but certainly not necessary.  I will
compile results with mercury projects info and offer to P2tech
listserve at the end of October.
This information will be used for a presentation for POTWs to
encourage partnerships and P2 assistance referrals to TAP's within
their states.
Thanks in advance,
sherry davis

Sherry J. Davis
Industrial P2 Specialist
133 Ward Hall,KSU
Manhattan, KS  66506-2508
913-532-6501   Fax: 913-532-6952