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RE: Petroleum Distillates - What's What?

Leif Magnuson (Magnuson.Leif@epamail.epa.gov) asked in part:

	Can anyone tell me of a definitive source for petroleum distillate
	.... need to find a reference source (person or manual) that is
definitive on this classification.

A couple of thoughts and resources:

*	My first thought was to refer you to the American Petroleum
Institute (API), which establishes some of the standards for these products.
Their ES&H web site (http://www.api.org/ehs/) has a good bibliography on
documents which would contain the info you need
(http://www.api.org/ehs/fuels.htm), but I didn't find a "one stop" source.
It might be worth contacting API directly, and I am sure their website has
some help in this regard.  If you have access to any ASTM standards
collections, it would also be worth the effort to check there, since I
beleive that they are responsible for actual maintenance and publication of
these specifications.

*	API's website led to a nice resource,
which has a searchable database of petroleum product properties.  But since
the petroleum products are complex mixtures and not single substances, they
are defined by physical properties (flash point, viscosity, boiling point,
etc), not chemical ones.  Hence, the database contains mostly physical
property data.  Nonetheless, one of those sites that's nice to keep tucked
away for a rainy day (we tend to have a lot of those here in Seattle).

*	API also led to the Air Force TPH Criteria Working Group, which has
a document, apparently in press, which provides compositional data on
petroleum products.  Additional info can be found at:

Hope this helps.  Good luck!

Scott Butner (rs_butner@pnl.gov) 
Senior Research Scientist, Environmental Technology Division
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
4000 NE 41st Street, Seattle WA   98105
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