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FW: Petroleum Distillates - What's What?

>  Dear Leif,
For this query, try the CRC (Chemical Rubber Comapny, I think) Handbook of
Chemistry and Physics, Chemical Abstract Numbers from the American Chemical
Society (www.asc.org), and/or Merck Index. 
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> Subject:	Petroleum Distillates - What's What?
> This is the third and last request being sent to P2 tech listserve in
> early October regarding P2 for auto repair and vehicle fleet maintenance .
> Thanks for your responses to the first two.
> Can anyone tell me of a definitive source for petroleum distillate
> nomenclature?  We are attempting to rank various spray-on products used in
> auto repair and vehicle fleet maintenance according to the hazards posed
> by their ingredients. Various products list different petroleum
> distillates on their MSDS sheets. We need to definitively sort out what's
> what. Below are the fractions we're interested in. We're sure some of
> these different terms refer to basically the same refining cut or
> distillate (we've listed them in what we suspect are roughly similar
> groups), but need to find a reference source (person or manual) that is
> definitive on this classification.
>  The specific questions revolve around the following ingredients:
>      paraffin oil					     inhibited
> parafffin oil
>      mineral seal oil				     (mineral oil)
>      refined petroleum oil		
>      light aliphatic naphtha	     		petroleum distillates
> naphtha
>      aliphatic naphtha
>      light aromatic naphtha
>      petroleum distillates		     		aliphatic petroleum
> distillates
>      kerosene (Jet A)
>      light aromatic naphtha
> The most important question applies to the first group - are all of these
> oils basically similar and are they basically the same as "mineral oil" ,
> in ( ) above [e.g., NIOSH uses the terms "mineral oil" and "paraffinic
> oil" interchangably].   This is important b/c the International Agency for
> Research on Cancer has identified "mineral oil, untreated and mildly
> treated" as a Human Carcinogen - which would certainly change our ranking
> if "mineral seal oil", "paraffin oil", "inhibited paraffin oil" and
> "refined petroleum oil" are all the same!
> Thanks
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