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Questioning the P2 Hierarchy

Hi! I'm posting this message on behalf of a colleague who is writing 
his Master's thesis on the P2 hierarchy.  His paper will make the 
case that  reuse should be placed on a rung above recycling.  The 
focus on recycling ignores the entropy law and causes more 
environmental impacts than reuse.  He is interested in references for 
papers, articles, etc. related to this topic.  Please address your 
replies directly to him, Travis Wagner,  email: tw1712@erols.com, 
phone: 301-927-7287.  Thanks!

Dina Li
Sr. Pollution Prevention Specialist
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
Pollution Prevention Division (MS-4-3)
11251 Roger Bacon Dr. Reston, VA 20190 email: LID@SAIC.COM
(703) 318-4603 fax (703) 736-0826 or (703) 709-1044