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Re: P2 Programs with Sustainability Initiatives -Reply

At the request of John Shoaff from EPA HQ, below is a summary of answers
I received/information I found out.  I apologize in advance if I left
anyone out - all the answers should be obtainable in the archives, and I
was trying to focus on progams with similar situations to what we have
in Georgia.

Oregon's DEQ has two programs in the early stages.  One is called the
Environmental Management Systems Incentives Project, and is working with
incentives within the industrial permitting process - contact is
Marianne Fitzgerald at (503) 229-5946.  The other is a pilot program in
their Air Quality setion to test sustainability philosophies such as
Natural Step - contact is Jill Inahara at (503) 229-6147.

Wisconsin, through their extension service,  is running a program
focusing on sustainability initiatives for the agriculture industry and
for communities.  I have lost my contact information for this already,
but I think Wayne Pferdehirt at (608) 265-2361 will know - Wayne, please
correct me if I'm wrong.

John Katz, of the EPA Region 9 office, let me know about several
projects in their regional office, including the Merit Partnership for
P2.  This has focused on EMS and ISO14000 issues, and the project
recently held a roundtable on EMS and Sustainability.  Proceedings from
that meeting can be obtained from Bonnie Barkett at (415) 744-1908.

The Minnesota Environmental Quality Board is also doing a lot of
projects that focus on sustainability, and coordinating activities among
their various state agencies.  I do not have a specific contact there -
found them in a web search.

That's the short summary of what I heard about - hope this is helpful.

Jancie Hatcher
GA Pollution Prevention Asst. Div.