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Re: P2 and hog farms

P2 Techies,

Farm*A*Syst has been involved in several pollution prevention activities
involving hog farms.  Recently Nebraska piloted tested a livestock
pollution risk assessment among about 100 producers, 43 of them with hog
operations having an average inventory of 1346 hogs.  The favorable results
of the pilot test included better use of manure on crop ground, and more
timely removal of manure from pens.  The summary of this study can be found

Several years ago,  in Arkansas, Tyson Foods took the lead in setting up
Farm*A*Syst on their hog farms.  The goal  was the adoption of different
management practices, such as land application of manure and proper
disposal of large carcasses. groundwater protection  The story was written
up in our newsletter: http://www.wisc.edu/farmasyst/update/oct95.html

Farm*A*Syst has served as a resource for National Pork Producers Council's
Environmental Assurance Program, a manure and ordor management system.  You
can find a write-up on this program here:

The NPPC accepts Farm*A*Syst as an option for pork producers to address
environmental concerns.  Designed for Ohio livestock producers, Livestock
Environmental Assurance Program (LEAP) addresses manure management and
related concerns of different livestock producers.  In a resource directory
section, LEAP makes use of Ohio's Farm*A*Syst program to address areas not
covered by the program.  

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