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Pollution Prevention Youth Activities Help Needed

Greetings from Montana,

I would greatly appreciate your assistance. I am looking for ideas,
publications, videos, etc. that encourage kids in grades 6-12 to become
involved in pollution prevention activities in their communities. (I have
looked in the P2 Tech archives and found some older references to youth p2.)

The Montana Pollution Prevention Program is designing a youth community
activity packet (that students can complete at home) and summer youth camp
activities that will cover a wide variety of pollution prevention topics
(subjects could include energy and water conservation, water quality, air
quality, well head protection, waste reduction, health and safety, etc.).

I would be interested in any ideas, suggestions, names of contacts, etc.
Thank you for your help. You can contact me directly at uedld@montana.edu.

Lara Dando
MT Pollution Prevention Program

Lara Dando
Montana Pollution Prevention Program
MSU Extension Service 
Taylor Hall
P.O. Box 173580
Bozeman, MT  59717-3580
(406) 994-3451
e-mail:  uedld@montana.edu