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Re: Korean roundtable

Dear Listserve subscribers:

This request was sent to NPPR by a partner organization in Korea that
is involved in efforts to initiate a P2 roundtable there.  Please CC Dr. Park
on any responses.  Thanks.

-------------Forwarded Message-----------------

From:	Young-Woo Park, INTERNET:youngpk@shinbiro.com
To:	joe pringle, joepringle
Dear Joe:

Could you provide me the following information if possible?

- Government and private companies' bid application manual and guide for
environmental facilities. I think it is called "ITV." When government or
private companies try to make environmental facilities, such as a
incinerator, waste treatment facilities, waste water treatment
facilities, or landfill sites, the bidder should satisfy certain
conditions and guidelines required by government or companies.

As you might guess, part of my job is providing informations for the
business units in HYUNDAI GROUP. One of the company in the group
producing environmental facilities requested the just mentioned
information. If it is possible, could you provide me the information?

Thank you very much for your sincere help and concern. Take care.

Best regards,
Young-Woo Park