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Non cyanide silver plating for wire manufacturer

P2 Techers:

Long time no e-mail!  May I pick your collective brains?    
I am currently working with a fine gauge wire manufacturer under an innovative pilot program called CLEAN-P2 (Compliance Leadership through Environmental Assessment and Negotiation - Pollution Prevention).  The intent of CLEAN-P2 is to offer a full compliance and P2 evaluation under an enforcement relief package.  If we find compliance issues, we let the company know what they need to do (without fear of enforcement actions) and ask that they utilize P2 to get back into compliance (where appropriate and *doable*).  

The company conducts a number of processes, but the main one of concern (to the EPCRA inspectors, the RCRA inspectors, and to me as the P2 contact) is a continuous, silver on copper, electrosilver wire plating operation that utilizes potassium cyanide solution.   Once plated, the wire is further processed in-house (wire drawing, twisting, flattening, etc..)

The question --  Has anyone worked with, or have knowledge of, alternative, non-cyanide based continuous wire plating systems.   The benefits of eliminating cyanide from the facility are hopefully clear.

Thanks in advance for your help.  By the way, if there are other appropriate listserves that any of you are aware of, I would appreciate contact information.  If you were willing to post it directly for me, that would be great.  

Again, thanks.

Vince Perelli
Vincent R. Perelli
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
Pollution Prevention Program
6 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03301-6509
phone:  603  271-2902
fax:    603  271-2456
v_perelli@des.state.nh.us or

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