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job announcement

There are exciting changes taking place in the field of environmental
management consulting.  After eight years of vigorously promoting resource
efficiency, resource productivity, and pollution prevention, The Waste
Reduction Institute (WRITAR) is in the process of dissolving.

However, a new organization, Materials Productivity, is taking on the
challenge.  Founded by WRITAR staff, the mission of Materials Productivity
is to provide services which integrate manufacturing excellence and
environmental excellence so that environmental improvement is a natural
outcome of business improvement.  Product offerings include targeting
assessments, implementation guidance, strategic management analysis,
training and seminars, customized projects, and support services.

As we move forward, we are seeking to add professional staff to support the
new organization. Below is a description of the position and the type of
candidate we seek.  Please pass it on to anyone you know who is seeking a
challenge and wants to fundamentally change the way business reduces its
impact on the environment.

If you have any questions or are interested in more information, please do
not hesitate to call Deb Holbrook or John Jaimez at (651)603-8282.


Materials Productivity is a mission-driven organization comprised of a team
of dedicated professionals who are breaking new ground with exciting and
innovative strategies in pollution prevention through business improvement.
Unlike most consulting firms in this field who concentrate on environmental
management functions, we work with businesses to integrate resource
optimization and  environmental excellence directly into traditional
business processes and manufacturing systems so that environmental
improvement is a natural outcome of business improvement.  We use a
detailed methodology that formalizes the targeting, analysis and
implementation of process improvement opportunities to optimize materials
use, improve productivity, and provide environmental benefit.

			     Position Summary

Pollution Prevention/Materials ProductivityŽ  Assessments
	Perform formalized assessments of manufacturing facilities to
identify, qualify, and quantify improvements to business and manufacturing
processes that reduce costs and improve environmental performance.  This
includes documenting existing processes, evaluating various improvement
opportunities and how they are linked to key business processes, and
identifying and analyzing final targets.

Research and Analysis
	Conduct a wide variety of research and analysis to support
assessment activities and other projects.  Candidates should be experienced
at utilizing sources such as the Internet, libraries, company
documentation, technical manuals, suppliers, and personal contacts.  This
entails not only technical research, but also financial analysis.

Implementation Guidance
	Provide a multidisciplinary approach to implementation of
alternatives that involves system-level problem solving.  This includes
feasibility testing of alternatives utilizing various approaches as well as
facilitating and training cross-functional teams.

Project Development/Delivery
	Manage all aspects of existing projects.   Identify and cultivate
new clients on an on-going basis.

Training Development/Delivery
	Provide Materials ProductivityŽ training to various industry and
governmental groups and assist with the development and innovation of new


	Ideal candidates are enterprising, enthusiastic, and enjoy
challenging work requiring keen observation and active problem solving.  We
are seeking individuals who can easily adapt to varying work styles and
project content, are goal oriented and self motivated, are able to handle
and prioritize multiple projects simultaneously, and thrive on challenges
and innovation.  A strong background in manuracturing, business processes,
and pollution prevention is desired and project management experience and
excellent communication skills are essential.

			   Application Process

Please send resume and cover letter, including references, salary history
and requirements to:
Deb Holbrook, Materials Productivity, LLC  1821 University Ave  S219
St Paul  MN  55104, or fax to 612-603-8286 or e-mail to admin@matprod.com
A more detailed description is available on request.
We are accepting applications until November 4, 1998 or until the positions
are filled.

Jo Starr
Administrative Assistant
Waste Reduction Institute
Suite S219
1821 University Ave.
St. Paul, MN  55104