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Answer to EPA Quote:

A few weeks ago someone, I don't remember who, requested the completion
and/or source identification of the following quote:


"Through its mission and its programs, the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) is dedicated to protecting public health and the
environment.  Preventing pollution before it is created has become a key
strategy in accomplishing these goals.  Voluntary programs such as Green
Lights Insert Registered Trademark Logo here] and Energy Star Buildings
[Insert Service Mark logo here] exemplify how government can work better
and cost less by identifying opportunities that benefit both business
and the environment."

The answer:

The quote is Building On Our Success -- Green Lights and Energy Star
Buildings, 1996 Year in Review.  Annual Report for 1996. May, 1997.  The
report is available from the Green Lights and Energy Star Hotline at
1-888-782-7937. Before ordering, please note the order number which is
Order # 59009B .

Oscar Valero
Waste Management Hanford