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RE: Cement Dust

Dear Barbara,

The EPA's Office of Compliance has developed a series of profiles or
notebooks containing information on selected major industrial groups. These
notebooks, which focus on key indicators that holistically present air,
water, and land pollutant release data, have been thoroughly reviewed by
experts from both inside and outside the EPA. 

Please take a look at the following web site regarding the cement industry.
There is a section (I think about page 56 or so) discussing pollution
prevention opportunities     --
http://es.epa.gov/oeca/sector/sectornote/pdf/stclglsn.pdf  .

	Jo Anne Hollash
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>       From:	Barbara Bloomfield (610) 832-6166
> Sent:	Monday, October 26, 1998 9:59 AM 	To:   p2tech
> Subject:	Cement Dust
> Dear P2 Techs:
>     Does anyone have information on management, reduction, reuse, or
> recycling of dust generated at cement manufacturing plants?
> B. Bloomfield
> H. Bouch
> J. Grabusky at PADEP, Southeast Region