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RE: Accounting for external costs

Yoiu might want to try the federal EPA and do a search at:
http://www.epa.gov/epahome/search.html  .
		TYPE IN SUBJECT	external cost*	
		CLICK 			search
When using the search I used the phrase		external cost*	and found
the following:
	Public Access Server Search Results
	Your query "<and>(external cost*)" matched 89 documents out of

An alternative search technique may help as well in: 
	Browse by subject at:	http://www.epa.gov/epahome/browse.htm  .

	For your example of secondhand smoke, the Indoor Air Quality web
site is at 	http://www.epa.gov/iaq/  .
		CHOOSE		11 common sources of indoor air pollution /
search IAQ 
		TYPE IN SUBJECT	second* smoke 
		CLICK 			search

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> for external costs
> Folks:
> Is anyone aware of books, journal articles, software, URLs, contacts with
> regard to accounting for external costs? I am aware of P2Finance, which is
> primarily about accounting for internal costs, but am interested in
> finding out what work has been done/is being done in the area of
> estimating external costs. 
> Example: Estimating external (public, not private) costs associated with
> second hand smoke.
> Thanks,
> Marcus Healey 	 healey@megahertz.njit.edu