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Re: Adhesive Replacement

I have three suggestions as to where you might find a solution to 
your problem:

(1) Tinker Air Force Base evidently has a system to recommend 
      equivalent adhesive-sealant-coating systems for aircraft 
     maintenance.  Although I've never used the system, perhaps it 
     could identify an alternative based on chemical composition or 
     function.  The POC I show listed is Fred Hall at 405/734-7071.

(2)Contact the SAE G-9 Subcommittee; they handle the evolution of  
     MIL SPECS to AMS specs for adhesives.  Last time I talked to 
     him, Bill Keller of Courtalds was the person who kept the 
     minutes for the subcommitte meetings.  His number is 
     818/240-2060.  Perhaps he can give you some guidance as to 
     where to look.

(3)A product mentioned in the 26 April 1995 issue of the Air Force 
     Technology Bulletin might help.  It's called SKYFLEX 
     Aircraft Sealant; it's evidently a tape used to affix a variety 
     of panels in an aircraft.  I have no experience with the product 
     and thus cannot endorse it, but it may be worth a call.  The POC 
     is Thomas Dyke, W.L. Gore and Associates Inc., 302/368-3700.

Good luck!

Kim Mihalik
Environmental Engineer
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