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Re: Accounting for external costs

Have you ever seen any of the Environmental Damage Valuation and Cost Benefit News issues?  This newsletter-type publication started in mid-July 1995 and was put out by Damage Valuation Associates.  The phone number I have for them is 212/969-0797.  I don't know if EDV&CN is still being published -- the latest issue I have is December 1997.  

The newsletters basically consist of reviews of studies.  Sample titles:  "Eliminating NY Lakes Toxics Gives $63 Benefit per Capita per Year," "Costs of Streams Poisoned by Mining," "Smoking Costs Chinese Governmnet 7.8 Billion," "Welfare Effects of Toxic Fish," "Value of Whitewater Rafting," "The Social Costs of Electricity," etc.  External costs aren't the only issues covered in the newsletter.

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On 10/29/98 07:14:35 you wrote:
>Is anyone aware of books, journal articles, software, URLs, contacts with
>regard to accounting for external costs? I am aware of P2Finance, which is
>primarily about accounting for internal costs, but am interested in
>finding out what work has been done/is being done in the area of
>estimating external costs. 
>Example: Estimating external (public, not private) costs associated with
>second hand smoke.
>Marcus Healey