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NPPC Pubs Go Online

Dear Friends and Relatives of the National Pollution Prevention Center,

   You asked for it ... you got it:  

          Pollution Prevention Curricula ONLINE ... for FREE!

Until now, the only way to get our materials was to mail us a check 
to cover copying and postage.  This system had several disadvantages:  
it was less than instantaeous, and many customers had to put lots of
administrative energy into obtaining (or getting reimbursed for) checks.

Our Resource List bibliographies have been available in standard web
(html) format for the past several years, but that wasn't a good way 
to handle our longer, more complicated documents that included graphics.
Now, thanks to new technology, we are able to create online-viewable and
online-printable versions of original NPPC materials.  This fall, we've
put almost all of them on our website (www.umich.edu/~nppcpub/resources).
These include existing materials in business, science, and engineering 
as well as new offerings, which I will describe in the next message.

To view any of these publications, all you need is Web access and a
free program called Adobe Acrobat Reader -- if you don't already have 
it, just click on the link on NPPC's page.  

We hope that this new service is very useful to you and your colleagues.
We invite you to take a look at www.umich.edu/~nppcpub/resources  
... if you like what you see, please spread the word!

The Publications Department of 
the National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education
430 E. University Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1115
734/764-1412 * fax 647-5841 * nppc@umich.edu

P.S.  Have a suggestion on what could make our page more user-friendly?
      Let us know!