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New Sustainable Architecture Materials -- ONLINE!

   I am very happy to tell you that we have a new education resource --
and that it is now available on our website, free of charge!

   "Recycling and Reuse of Building Materials" is one of five modules in
our Sustainable Architecture Compendium.  To help architecture students
"become critical of the upstream and downstream effects of building
design, construction, use, and disposal," this graduate thesis addresses
"the problems of scarcity, costly extraction, and increased regulatory
provisions associated with unsustainable natural resource consumption and
waste disposal."  It is designed to be used as a coursepack or
supplemental reading for architecture courses at the undergraduate and
graduate levels. This lengthy (>100-page) document, complete with more
than 100 illustrations, provides discussions, case studies, and exercises
for each of the following topics:
- Waste Prevention
- Construction and Demolition Recycling
- Architectural Reuse
- Design for Materials Recovery

   It also includes appendices; a bibliography, which lists 100 books
and journals specifically related to the recycling and reuse of building
materials; and annotations of 30 of those publications.

   To get your own copy, point your Web browser to

   As always, your feedback is welcome.

The Publications Department of the 
National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education
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