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Teensy Clarification re NPPC Pubs

Hello, it's the NPPC again.  Several of you have pointed out that our
recent message (about NPPC publications being online) wasn't entirely
clear.  So, for the record, here's a clarification:
Most of our documents are now available (for downloading and printing) 
from our website.  You can do this _free of charge_.  If for some reason
you would like us to send you hard copy, we need to first receive a check
(made out to "University of Michigan/NPPC") to cover printing and mailing. 
Prices are shown on our web page.  

Also, I have updated our page to show the size of each downloadable
document.  Most are pretty small (<50K), but some of the Architecture 
docs are much bigger (>1,000K); this should give you a better idea of 
how many seconds they take to download.  (For example, on my
five-year-old computer, it takes about one minute to download a
2,000K Acrobat file; a 40K file takes just a few seconds.  Depending
on what information appliance you are using, your mileage may vary.)

Our most popular documents are all downloadable.  If you want one that
we publish but isn't downloadable from our site yet, please let me know
and I will try to get it up there for you 

Sorry if I caused you any confusion or made your computers hang up when
you inadvertantly began downloading a huge file!  And THANKS to all of you
who took the time to comment -- your suggestions were very helpful.

               Nancy Osborn, Publications Manager
  National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education (NPPC)
         430 E. University Ave., Ann Arbor MI 48109-1115
       e-mail: nppc@umich.edu * 734/764-1412 * fax: 647-5841
          Visit our Web site!  www.umich.edu/~nppcpub/