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CSI & Arkansas Roundtable Meeting

To CSI Participants Attending Roundtable in Arkansas:

We are just beginning work on an evaluation of what's been accomplished
during the Common Sense Initiative -- both overall and for specific
sectors.  I'd be interested in taking the opportunity to talk informally
with anyone attending the Roundtable meeting in Arkansas who has been
involved in working on CSI subcommittees or workgroups to discuss key
issues or factors you think would be important to look at during the
evaluation.  Given the schedule at the Roundtable,  sometime Tuesday
evening might work best.  I'll be getting there late Monday night, and will
be there through Wednesday.  If you'd like to discuss CSI, you can either
get in touch with me during the Roundtable, or e-mail or call me before the
conference.  Thanks for your help.

Bob Kerr
Kerr, Greiner, Anderson & April, Inc.
703-476-0711 (fax)