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Mid-Atlantic P2 Conference

We are looking for speakers for Region 3's Mid-Atlantic P2 Conference. 
Specifically, we are looking for speakers who have good case studies in the
following technology areas:  metal cleaning, coatings & fabrication, food
processing, printing, and chemical manufacturing.  If you would like to
present such a case study at the conference or know of someone who could
contribute to our agenda, please let me know via e-mail at
michelerusso@compuserve.com or via fax at (202) 466-7964.  We prefer, but
are not limited to, speakers and examples from Region 3 (i.e.,
Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia & Washington,
DC).  The conference will take place January 20-21, 1999 in Baltimore,
Maryland.  If you have questions, I can be reached at (202) 466-P2P2.  

Michele Russo
2000 P Street NW, Suite 708
Washington, DC  20036
(202) 466-P2P2
fax (202) 466-7964