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Spray gun efficiency and emission factors.

A marble casting facility intends to switch to a
HVLP gel coat spray system from a conventional
spray system.   When implemented, the facility
should be able to show a reduction in releases on
the TRI form and on the local air emissions
inventory report.  Transfer efficiency assumption
for a  conventional spray system is about 25% vs
65% for an HVLP system.   EPA's current
emission guidance in AP-42 (Table 4.4.2) shows a
gel coat spray  emission factor range of 26 to 35 
for spraying gelcoat.

How should they determine what emission factor
to use for a HVLP and a conventional spray gun
so they may calculate a release reduction?  

Is there any relationship between the spray gun
transfer efficiency and the gel coat spray emission
factor range in Table 4.4.2?   

Thanks everyone,

Bill Quinn
Pollution Prevention Unit