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> From: 	Oroke, Ann
> Sent: 	Monday, November 16, 1998 10:34AM
> To: 	'SMTP.mccom003@tc.umn.edu'
> Subject: 	EPA/AHA MOU
> I am very interested in your work with the hospitals.  I am currently in
> the process of working with OHSU in Portland, OR  a large research and
> teaching hospital.  I am working on permitting the hospital for their
> wastewater discharges.  They have reached an agreement with a silver
> recycler with a closed loop system to pick up all their fixer solution and
> recycle it and sell it back to them at reduced cost.  A win-win situation
> for all concerned, and they figure 600 gals of fixer is not going down the
> drain.  
> I realize that the date to respond was the 15th but didn't get the message
> until this morning.  I would be interested in baseline data collection and
> communications if you still need members, if not please keep me informed
> at the progress made by your committees.  Thank you
> Ann O'Roke
> City of Portland
> Permit Manager
> 6543 N. Burlington
> Portland, OR  97203
> (503)823-7230  
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