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EMS for farmers


A couple of things to note:

1) Marin County (CA) established a "Coastal Watershed Enhancement Program",
which included a voluntary farm planning for dairies and grazing lands. It
involves individual assessments, as well as training materials. Contact the
Ella Rilla, UC Cooperative Extension office in San Rafael, (415)499-4204.
In addition, California has developed a statewide Dairy Quality Assurance
program based on the Marin model. I don't have a phone number right at

2) EPA Region 9 has funded the Lodi Woodbridge Winegrape Commission (the
largest wine grape-growing region in the country) to develop a voluntary
environmental farm planning program for the commission's member-growers.
Using the Farm-a-syst and Ontario EFP program as models , they will develop
a "point system" for growers' environmental management practices, including
pest control, habitat preservation and restoration, soil and nutrition
management, water management, and vineyard site assessment. At this point
they are not looking at any kind of certification - instead, they will use
the "point totals" to identify areas where growers can improve and provide
technical assistance. However, they have explored "eco-labeling" options.
For more information, contact Cliff Ohmart at 209-367-4727.

Hope this helps. I'd be interested in any other feedback you get.

John Katz
Pollution Prevention Coordinator
EPA Region 9
415-744-1680 (fax)

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FITZNERW@state.mi.us on 11/16/98 01:58:02 PM

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Subject:  EMS for farmers

P2 experts:

I am interested in whether any states or agriculture trade associations
have looked at applying an environmental management system to farms.
Also, has any group looked into using ISO 14001 for farms or
agribusinesses?  Michigan is looking at an agricultural assurance program
for animial feeding operations, which goes beyond Farm-A-Syst to encompass
compliance and pollution prevention of point and non-point sources. Has
anyone adopted or developed an incentive program that covers management, P2
and compliance for farms?


Wendy Fitzner
Pollution Prevention
Environmental Assistance
Department of Environmental Quality
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