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P2 for POTWs -Reply


Without answering your request directly, I offer the following suggestion:

The "National Small Flows Clearinghouse" at http://www.estd.wvu.edu/NSFC/NSFC_HOMEPAGE.HTML.

while more traditional approaches to POTW P2 can be found in the following references:

"Guides to P2, Municipal Pretreatment Programs", US EPA document EPA/625/R-93/006;

"P2 Training Resource Guide for Publicly Owned Treatment Works", Ohio EPA ;

"P2 in POTWs", National Pollution Prevention Roundtable, 1998 Spring Conference;

"P2 Training Manual for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators", available at http://www.deq.state.mi.us/ead/potw;

"P2 Strategies for Three Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities, The Critical Parameters Project, Final Report", The Office of Technical Assistance for Toxics Use Reduction, Executive Office of Environmental Affairs Commonwealth of Massachusetts;

"Blueprint for Mercury Elimination, Mercury Reduction Project Guidance for Wastewater Treatment Plants", Great Lakes Pollution Prevention Centre and Western Lake Superior Sanitary District, March 1997;

"Mercury P2 for City Wastewater Plants, A guide for Great Lakes Communities", The National Wildlife Federation, December 1997.

Good Luck,

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>>> "Vincent R. Perelli" <v_perelli@des.state.nh.us> 11/17 1:33 pm >>>
Hi Folks,

Today I received a call from the NH Municipals Association regarding a
12/17/98 workshop focused on P2 and Emergency Planning at POTWs.  
They would like me to present various P2 opportunities for these
operations with a focus on alternatives to chlorine use.  The on-site
storage of chlorine certainly has implications for emergency planning and
response.  I am generally aware of alternatives such as Sodium
Hypochlorite and UV Disinfection, but don't have specifics.   

I'd be interested in any papers, contacts, or other leads on the subject of
Chlorine Alternatives, as well as any other P2 opportunities for POTWs (I
have plenty of information on P2 for maintenance related activities).   This
is not a group with which we normally work.   With some homework, I
hope to put something together of use.  I have started an internet search
on top of this request.   Nothing exciting yet.

Thanks in advance.

Vince Perelli

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