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Re: P2 for POTWs


I would check the archives, I think there should be some info for you, as I remember the topic being posted.  

I recently worked with a small village that has switched from chlorine disinfection to UV disinfection and they are very happy with new system.  Check out the case study at: http://www.epa.state.oh.us/opp/p2regint/scp2sep.html.  
While this was a village,  I have also heard of large systems (8 million gpd comes to mind) using UV disinfection successfully at POTWs here in Ohio.

I have attached a list of P2 projects for public water supply systems (developed by our office), but many of the same types of projects apply to POTWs, like upgrading pumps and motors.  If you aren't familiar, you should check out US DOE's Motor Challenge Program.

The periodical "Environmental Protection" recently had an article  (August 1998) called "Seeing the Light  a better understanding of particles' impact on ultraviolet disinfection can lead to more efficient wastewater treatment."  One of the big issues with UV disinfection is that the bacteria will hide behind particles and avoid the UV light if they can.

Lastly, US EPA has an old paper entitled "Ultra Violet Disinfection, Special evaluation Project" 1988, but you can probably get more recent info.  Likely folks in your surface division may have more.    I'm sure you will get some good responses from the listserver as well.  Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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