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Antifreeze Recycling Filters

P2 Tech'ers -

We could use a rapid response to an antifreeze recycling question:

King County, WA ran a series of tests on spin-on metal encased and
polyproplyene fiber filters from on-site antifreeze recycling units. They
found that none of the filters exceeded the TCLP or local hazardous waste
toxicity limits. As a result, they ruled that shops using similar equipment
and processes could cite their study as "process knowledge" to show that
their filters do not register as hazardous waste.

Does anyone know of other state or local programs that have conducted
similar sampling, and/ or have made similar blanket rulings on the disposal
of antifreeze recycling filters?

Please respond ASAP. Thanks!!

John Katz
Pollution Prevention Coordinator
EPA Region 9
415-744-1680 (fax)