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New Resources on Coastal P2

Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 20:52:24 -0500 (EST)
From: "Nancy A. Osborn" <nano@umich.edu>
To: snre.nppc.educators@umich.edu
Subject: New Resources on Coastal P2

Heard too much beaching about marine pollution?  The NPPC is shore that
all you gulls and buoys will be pleased to learn of two new resources on
Coastal Pollution Prevention, both of which are now available FREE OF
CHARGE on our website!

1. RESOURCE LIST.  Organized by topic, this list cites 56 publications
   (several of which are available on the Web) and three related
   organizations.  In addition to covering general coastal/marine/aquatic
   pollution prevention, the list includes sections devoted to marinas,
   cruise lines, and specific areas (Boston Harbor and Chesapeake Bay).
   Contact information for publishers is included wherever possible, as
   are direct links to their websites.  

   Arranged alphabetically, this bibliography describes all materials
   cited in the Resource List. 

These are the first two parts of our Compendium on Coastal Pollution
Prevention -- an introductory article and four case studies are still to
come.  To view and/or print your own copies of the new documents, point
your web browser to 


If for some reason you would like us to send you hard copy, we need to
first receive a check (made out to "University of Michigan/NPPC") to cover
printing and mailing (Resource List: $1.00; Annotated Bibliography:
$1.50).  Prices for all documents are shown on our web page; if you don't
have web access, please contact us to request a catalog.

As always, your feedback (on anything other than our washed-up puns) 
is welcome.

The Publications Department of the
National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education
430 E. University Ave., Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1115
734/764-1412 * fax: 647-5841 * nppc@umich.edu