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Coolant Management in New Jersey?


I have a client in northern New Jersey that is in need of someone who could
help them on a one to two day a week basis over a 2-4 month or more period
in optimizing their process operations.  They are a basically a machine
shop, with machining, deburring/tumbling, aqueous cleaning, phosphatizing
and painting.  They are having a severe problem with in-process corrosion
that will take some hand holding for improving coolant management, reducing
the amount of in-process storage, and modifying their cleaning chemistry.
I and my Minnesota friends at WRITAR would be able to provide technical
guidance, but the plane tickets add up and they really need someone local.
The plant management team is tough to work with, so people skills and a
thick skin are as important as technical prowess.  Work would be conducted
as a subcontractor to ERM.

If anyone is up for the challenge, please feel free to respond via email or
phone.  Thanks.

Dan Reinke
Environmental Resources Management
St. Paul office manager