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Articles needed

November 29, 1998

Dear Renewable Energy Expert,

Articles about renewable energy and other topics are sought for a handbook to
be called "Field Guide of Appropriate Technology". This handbook is intended
for workers, such as in the Third World, who need a hands-on manual about
practical applications. The Field Guide has been contracted by Academic Press.
The project is coordinated by Professor Barrett Hazeltine and Christopher Bull
of the Engineering Division at Brown University.   Professor Hazeltine and Mr.
Bull have just published through Academic Press "Appropriate Technology:
Tools, Choices and Implications", a textbook for teaching the fundamentals of
appropriate technology.

I have been chosen as the editor of the Energy systems of the "Field Guide"
and I am soliciting articles that describe workable applications of Renewable
Energy projects.  The "Field Guide" format is to be modeled after other
invaluable texts such as the CRC or ASHRAE handbooks.  The energy section will
include articles on: Practical Windpower, Photovoltaics, Hydro Electric
Systems, Solar Thermal, Water Pumping, Electrical Storage Systems, Hybrid
Electric Systems, Lighting, and any other issues surrounding the generation,
storage, and usage of electricity or solar-thermal energy.

Although accepted submissions will not receive monetary compensation, the
author and their firm will be credited in the manual.  This is a great way to
get your name and expertise circulated among implementers of Appropriate
Technology.  Please submit your articles, or any further questions to
brightmktg@aol.com or send them to the address below.

If you have no articles, but know of experts any of the subject areas listed
above, please forward this correspondence, or submit their name to us.  We
intend to make this field guide a very useful, and widely distributed manual.
To accomplish this end, we need your assistance.

Thanking you in advance for your help and interest,

Newell Thomas
Bright Technology, LLC
195 Anthony Street
East Providence, Rhode Island 02914