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MTBE Best Management Practices

Hi Folks,

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.  As an aside, thanks to
everyone who responded to my request for information on Chlorine
alternatives for Wastewater Treatment plants!

I have another request to ask of you.  My Division Director has asked that
we put together a factsheet on Best Management Practices related to
fuel handling for small engines (lawnmowers, outboards, chainsaws,
etc).  The issue of concern is the MTBE in fuel and contamination of
surface and groundwater.  

Has anyone developed P2 or Best Management type factsheets, papers,
or articles related to the above.   We already found background
information on the health effects and environmental concerns of MTBE,
and have looked at some excellent materials from the State of Maine. 
Any leads, websites, or contact information would be greatly

Thanks very much in advance for your help,

Vince Perelli

Vincent R. Perelli
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
Pollution Prevention Program
6 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03301-6509
phone:  603  271-2902
fax:    603  271-2456
v_perelli@des.state.nh.us or

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