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FW: Diatomaceous Earth

Dear Mr. Burns,

I asked one of my contact people in the Pennsylvania Department of
Environmental Protection regarding your message attached below.

His answer is in the following two paragraphs:
    DE can be used as a soil amendment to loosen clay soils and increase
soil pH.  I don't know if you should use spent DE from a 
    pool filter on soils that will grow crops for human consumption.
Milwaukee packages Milorganite, which is processed sewage sludge,
     for use on lawns and states on the label that it isn't for use on food
growing areas.
    I would suggest they talk to someone at a local agriculture extension
office or Penn State about what application of spent DE 
    might benefit.  They may need to get an analysis of the product and they
may have to dry it for ease of handling or keep it in a 
    slurry so it can be handled like liquid sewage sludge to make it a more
attractive product.
Since you are located in Florida, you may have a an extension service within
one of your universities or you may wish to contact Penn State University.
I hope this is helpful.

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Subject: Diatomaceous Earth	

Any ideas concerning use/reuse of spent diatomaceous earth from large
swimming pool filtering systems.


Dick Burns			FDEP Central District P2 Coordinator