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RE: two questions, pertaining to wood and cleaning

Dear Catherine,

1.	Regarding metal cleaning.  Questions should be asked such as ---
		-- What is the metal workpiece being used for?  How clean
does it need to be for the workpiece's intended use? (For
example, is it an automobile part that is going to hold oil?  Does it need
to be cleaned like a computer chip?)  What 		contaminant/soil is
to be removed?			
		--Detergents can be an alternative.  Hot water or steam may
be all that is necessary.  
		--Check the Solvents Alternatives Guide (SAGE) and others on
the EPA web page.  http://es.epa.gov/index.html  .  
		--Click on Solvent Substitution Data Systems and you sill
find a list of solvent substitution related information here. 
2.	The University of Tennessee, Center for Industrial Services produced
a wood furniture teleconference in 1996.  Perhaps this UT 	Center would
be able to help you with your query.  Try the Center at 615-532-8657. 

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From: Catherine Dickerson [mailto:cdickerson@pprc.org]
Sent: Thursday, December 03, 1998 4:48 PM
To: 'p2tech'
Subject: two questions, pertaining to wood and cleaning

Hi P2Tech-sters,

I have two areas that I am looking into for our region.  Without any further
ado, I'd appreciate it if you can send me any information on:

1) alternatives to halogenated solvent cleaning (i.e. case studies), for
metal cleaning
2) P2 for small wood coaters (e.g. cabinet making shops).

I've already gone through the archives, so please don't repost if you've
already done it (just trying to save you some time and effort).  Thanks in
advance for all your help!  Enjoy the rest of your week.