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Re: MTBE Best Management Practices

Hi Vince and P2 Tech list readers:

My opinion re. MTBE is the  first BMP is to avoid its use, either by reducing
the use of gasoline powered engines, or use gasoline that does not contain
In California, the Air Resources Board & USEPA have backed off the requirement
for the oxygenator, so gas without MTBE can now be sold. It will take the
refineries a while to replace the 10% volume that MTBE fills for the fuel
supply of the State, but at least we're heading in that direction.

The local Water District recently banned all two-stroke engines from the local
reservoirs, and all power boats for a while, until MTBE levels reached a non-
detect concentration. When the power boats were allowed to return, some BMP's
were put in place to reduce the contamination caused during re-fueling. You
can check the Water District's web site at http://www.scvwd.dst.ca.us and go
to their page on MTBE for the BMP's

Protecting the groundwater basin from MTBE contamination is another story. You
may want to contact the Water District's in-house guru, Jim Crowley, who can
give you many war stories on dealing with this issue. His e-mail is:

Good Luck!

Pat Ferraro, Executive Director
The Silicon Valley Pollution Prevention Center
San Jose, CA
408 291-0131