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Affirmative procurement/green purchasing -Reply

Word from our Office of the Federal Environmental Executive is:

"The best resources are the "Buy Recycled Training Manual," which is
available from Richard Keller of Maryland Environmental Service,
410-974-7254, and the web site for the King County, Washington
buy-recycled program, <www.metrokc.gov/oppis/recyclea.html>.  You
should also refer the inquiry to the National Recycling Coalition's Buy
Recycled Business Alliance, 703-683-9025, or

Susan McLaughlin
Program Manager, US EPA's Environmental Accounting Project
Phone:  (202) 260-3844
Fax: (202) 260-0178
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (MC-7409)
401 M Street SW
Washington, D.C.  20460

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Hi, P2 tech members:

Is anyone aware of a manual or "cookbook" for setting up an affirmative
procurement/purchasing program for materials with high recycled content? Has
anyone set up a successful program like this and has a lessons learned report
they would share?


Mark Boylan
22 Executive  PArk Court
Germantown  MD  20874

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