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RE: arsenic and tanneries

Dear Martha, 

I am sorry this response is a bit slow in arriving.  Other projects have
kept me hopping.  I think you might want to read a write up about Wickett &
Craig of America (WCA), producers of vegetable tanned leather.  You can
review their information at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental
Protection web URL:
m  .

Also visit our web page to find other information and links.  The address is
below my name.  
	CHOOSE:	Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance	then explore
the various headers.

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From: Martha Arosemena [mailto:MAROSEME@tnrcc.state.tx.us]	Sent:
Thursday, November 19, 1998 9:29 AM
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arsenic and tanneries

Hi!  I'm looking for P2 options for tanneries, particularly ways to reduce
the amount of arsenic discharged to wastewater treatment systems.  Any leads
to  good sources or sites would be much appreciated!

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