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Re: Traffic Paint

The City of Cincinnati, OH has successfully switched from solvent to water 
borned traffic paints (both white and yellow).  The paints contain no heavy 
metals including lead and seem to work as well, if not better in most 
applications.  I would be happy to send you our specs and additional 
information if you will send me your mailing address or FAX number.

J. Bruce Suits
Pollution Prevention Manager
City of Cincinnati
Office of Environmental Management
Two Centennial Plaza
805 Central Avenue, Suite 610
Cincinnati, OH  45202-1947
Phone:     513/352-6270
FAX:       513/352-4970
email:     bruce.suits@cinems.rcc.org

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Subject: Traffic Paint
Author:  "Alok Wadhawan" <TPWDOM#c#TPWDOM.TPWPUR#c#WADHAWAL@gov.ns.ca> at 
Date:    12/9/98 9:19 AM

Is there a jurisdiction that presently utilizes water based traffic paint
for centerline marking and edge of pavement marking.

The Nova Scotia department of Transportation is utilizing approximately 10%
water based paint, however with the construction season being short (approx
April-October) the Department has been using oil based paints.

If I could get some information from anyone regarding the use of water
based paints for traffic line markings, the specs used, the MSDS sheets it
would be appreciated. 

I would especially like to hear from people in the northern states like
Maine, or other provinces that has weather similar to ours.


Alok Wadhawan
email: wadhawal@gov.ns.ca