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RE: p2 and food processing

Thanks for the vote of confidence for the WRRC database but the address
given will only search our online documents. To review the complete library
go to http://wrrc.p2pays.org and click on search databases and then click on
RLIBY. We can provide a copy of any documents not online. We plan to put a
large fraction of our library online in the next year. Currently we have
about 1,000 titles online of the 13,000+ references in the collection.

John Calcagni
Waste Reduction Resource Center
PO Box 29569
Raleigh NC 27626-9569

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> Subject:	Re: p2 and food processing
> Recently we did a search on food processing to gather information for a 
> presentation. We found www.p2pays.org/search/default.asp to be very 
> helpful. You may wish to query food processing at this site,if you have 
> not already done so.
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