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Re: Data Visualization in Design for Environment/Enviro Cons

     The US Air Force worked on a software tool, the Manufacturing and 
     Maintenance Process Cost Analysis Tool (M2PCAT) which was designed to 
     assist in visualization of process flows, including alternative inputs 
     - especially hazardous materials.  I was a co-author on a paper which 
     can be found in the proceedings of the 1994 or 1995 Air Force 
     Pollution Prevention Conference, hosted by the Air Force Center for 
     Environmental Excellence, San Antonio, Texas.  It is my understanding 
     that the tool was never developed, and the idea was shelved.
     If you cannot find a copy of the proceedings, please let me know, I 
     will attempt to send you a copy.  
     Tom Heathman
     Operational Technologies Corp
     San Antonio, Texas